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Double Your Store's

Revenue by Retaining

5% or More Customers 

We analyze your customers' behavioral data,

to warn you of any early signs of churn 

before it is too late.


Flow Analytics is one of those rare companies who combines strong business understanding and the technology to analyze it, exceptional! They unlocked conundrum with analytics and produce beautiful output.

Mr. Pierre Lagrange, Huntsman Savile Row

How the team differs from other so-called business intelligence consultants is that they actually have strong industrial knowledge to advise on the strategies, in addition to just churning out reports. 

Mr. Manfred Broekkamp, Broekkamp Marketing

You're in Good Company

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Why do Customers Usually Churn?


They feel like their needs are no longer satisfied.



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They are unhappy with the price, product, or services.


They think a competitor can solve more problems,

or can solve them better.


To stop your customers from leaving and to attract new ones, you need a solid analytics partner. An analytics partner who produces a meaningful analysis of your business. Something that will help you better understand your customer base. Something that updates automatically, grows your business, and gives you control.


Something that makes you win.


With us, your dashboards will not only be tailor-made to match your exact needs but also

guide you to your maximum potential. How?


Consultancy Firm

Initial call and rollout.

Most other firms would like to process your requests with haste, without any care for your unique needs and careful analysis.

With us

Multiple Q&As and calls throughout the analysis.
Having clear communication and feedbacks throughout the strategy analysis is our core principle in making sure our thoughts are aligned achieving mutual goals. 


Consultancy Firm

Disregard full disclosure​.

Most other firms may not care to be fully transparent about the data they analyze and may side-step issues that will become major problems later on.

With us

We will disclose every finding possible​.

We practice full transparency in our findings to help you understand each bit of information. Our feedback will help make sure that all issues are addressed properly.

Full Attention

Consultancy Firm

Will only spend enough time to do the bare minimum.

Other firms may juggle clients at the same time, which means they may spread their resources too thin.

With us

We only accept selected clients that we know we are compatible with, ensuring that we have enough manpower to care for all of our customers individually.

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Insightful Dashboards,

Actionable Analysis. 

These are some of our portfolios

Customized to each business' needs


You may know why your customers choose you, but not why they might want to leave.


We incorporate both internal data and external publicly accessible data to form a holistic view to help you understand why. Using this method of data analysis, we can help businesses retain their customers by making small day-to-day transformative decisions.


Take the wheel now.

Discover if you can work with us.

As much as we’d like to accept every offer we get, we receive a lot of inquiries. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all of them. We only partner with highly qualified organizations for whom we know that we can produce predictable, scalable results and where we see the greatest growth potential. This means that all our customers get the results they need. 


Here’s how it works:


Schedule a discovery call by selecting a suitable time in the calendar and fill out the short questionnaire to provide some information about your company.

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If your application is promising, one of our experts will carry out a potential analysis with you.


We then work out a customized retention strategy and analytics solution in our first meeting.


You’ve scheduled a call. What's next?

So here is the flow.

Our experts will review, analyze and provide tips and recommendations to improve. We only require your feedbacks.


Your time spent: 30 minutes

Review & Recommendations

Setting up goals. Tell one of our experts about your brief introduction and details.


Your time spent: 60 minutes

Business Plan-cuate.png

In-depth data-driven analysis and carrying out  measures. All findings will be compiled, shared and discussed with your team.

Your time spent: 30 minutes


Crafting a long term data strategy allowing extensions in growth opportunity

Your time spent: 30 minutes

Growth analytics-cuate.png

We then share with you the crafted road map to implement the suggestions


Your time spent: 30 minutes

Action Plan

Your total time spent is around 3 hours.

subject to complexity and external factors.

Have some questions?

You are just one click away from our FAQs.

Who are we?

Flow Analytics is a consulting firm created to help SMEs solve business challenges and achieve company objectives. We know that our customers’ success is our success. We achieve our clients' business goals through data visualization and analytical solutions. Our research capabilities and deep industrial expertise allow businesses to make data-driven decisions.


Data is continuously being used as a buzzword, but many still can’t comprehend the full potential. The process of analyzing your market and customers is an ongoing investment that we take very seriously.


Our main objective is to help you keep customers from churning, via a customized data processing solutions to help you improve customer experiences and achieve long-term growth and sustainability.


One Analysis Away

From Sustainable Growth.