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Data Analytics​
Made Easy

We equip digital businesses with an Insight Machine that uncovers hidden insights from their data, helping them make impactful decisions.


How Do Businesses Use

Our Insight Machine

Take a tour to explore how our Insight Machine helps businesses capture and
analyse data to optimize their operations and business strategies.

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Performance Overview

Effectively track your team’s performance on a weekly and monthly basis, clear roadblocks, and plan ahead with our holistic Performance Overview Dashboard.


Multi-Channel Marketing Dashboard

Centralize data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads so you have an ultimate command center for marketing performances for quicker and effective decisions.


Sales and Profitability

Accelerate revenues with a personalized visual representation of your overall performance metrics such as Monthly Sales Performance, Revenue by Product Category, and Deal Size.

Software and Subscription-based Businesses’ Key Metrics Dashboard Template.png

Software and Subscription-based Business Dashboard

If you're looking to grow their empire and get an all-important edge on the competition, then SaaS dashboards are invaluable.

Flow Analytics AB Testing Dashboard Template.png

A/B Testing Dashboard

Relied on as a way to experiment with large and small changes before going “all in,” it is an important tool for deciding what experiences get applied to all users.

Flow Analytics Customer Retention Template.png

Customer Retention

Whether it is for the sales team, marketing team, or your overall business, you can access all the critical information and compare Actual Vs Target data with easy-to-understand reports.

How We Make a Difference 

Here's how we helped businesses realize their true growing potential with our data solutions.


JustEggs Digital

A leading Australian Marketing Agency achieved a significant revenue growth with our custom web applications, exclusively designed for their clients in the competitive retail-based industries.



The apps embedded Google Data Studio templated reports and seamlessly integrated with various data sources including Celtra, The Trade Desk, and LifeSight to provide 360 degree automated reporting.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Over the years we helped businesses achieve their strategic and financial goals with our data-fueled solutions. But don’t take our word for it – hear what our clients have to say. 


Trusted by over 50 Growing Businesses


Still Not Sure How Data Can Put You On The

Fast Track?  

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