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Customer Retention Dashboard

What is the one thing your business counts on? Sales. Whether it's a service that you are offering or a product, your business revenue depends on your sales, and by extension - your customers. Having new customers and expanding your customer pool is a great idea - it helps grow your business sustainability. But what about existing customers? Meeting the needs of your existing customer base is as crucial as acquiring new customers. And repeat customers are more profitable!

Customer retention is about trying to keep more customers for a longer period of time so they spend more at your business over their lifetime; it’s about keeping loyal customers instead of just recruiting new ones. Businesses that implement a strong customer retention strategy will benefit as much after all. In a renowned study by Bain and Company, it was found that a mere 5% increase in retention rates can increase your profits by up to 95%.

As we say times and again - What gets measured, gets done! Effectively track your Customer Retention strategy, clear roadblocks, and plan ahead with our Insight Machine's performance dashboard. We offer tailored dashboards for your business's individual needs that offer a bird's-eye view to keep tabs on all important. Retention metrics in real-time using various monitoring widgets. Whether it is for the sales team, marketing team, or your overall business, you can access all the critical information and compare Actual Vs Target data with easy-to-understand reports.

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